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Behind our madeleinesis a family-owned


The story of Mado begins in a family, with the creator of Mado in Paris and her aunt Mado, an international dancer, who passed on her passion for pastry.

The company retains its family dimension by favouring a privileged relationship within its team and a structure with a human dimension.


Mado à Paris is a Parisian creation. Its establishment in Paris contributes to the brand’s warm atmosphere. Proud of its origin, Mado à Paris favours French partners and raw materials.


Our madeleines are imagined, produced and designed by us in our Parisian labs. Our recipes are largely made up of organically grown ingredients.

Love is cooked every day, just like our batches of Mados :)!

Mado's values

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Our quality chart

Mado was a sparkling and modern woman. The Mado à Paris’ recipes are just like her: delicious and surprising! The small, soft cake in the shape of a shell is made with eggs, flour and butter. This simple recipe contrasts with the modern and pop flavours of caramel, berries, lemon…

We want to create healthy food by hand. Here, the ingredients are chosen to be respectful of the environment and our bodies. The lemons are harvested in our orchard located on the hills of Cannes. It is a variety that we brought from Sicily, because the lemons have a very sweet taste, are flavorful and 0 acidity.

We imagine, create and make fresh madeleines daily in our lab and adapt each of our recipes to seasonal products. Each raw material used is carefully selected, contributing to our unique know-how and to the quality of our recipes, which is widely acclaimed by all our customers.